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3 Easy Steps to Making Your Garden Safe for Your Child – Our Guide


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Having a garden at home provides you and your loved ones with a place where you can unwind, exercise, and bond together. Here, you can enjoy various outdoor games and activities and hold gatherings. However, they have hazards that can be dangerous for your child.

Your little one’s safety is your priority, and one way to keep them free from any harm within the walls of your own home is to make your garden as safe as possible. It involves the right landscape design, the appropriate materials, and plants and grass that are not harmful for unsuspecting littles. Here are some easy steps to creating a safe garden for your child:

1. Use grass varieties that can withstand heavy traffic

A garden is an excellent place where your child can play and explore their surroundings. To make this place safe for your little one, make sure to use grass varieties that can withstand playtime and heavy traffic. 

Some grass varieties you can consider adding to your garden are the Sir Walter Buffalo, Empire Zoysia, and Kikuyu. All these varieties can tolerate reasonable wear and tear and grow in shade or receive full sun.

Plants with thorns and spines must be avoided at all costs, especially in areas that your child can reach. Other plants you need to stay away from are those that are poisonous when ingested, such as Euphorbia, Oleander, and Angel’s Trumpet. 

Meanwhile, if you are unsure which plants are best for your garden and which should be avoided, reach out to our landscape design company. We offer a wide range of quality plants from our trusted nursery and help you pick the right type of plants for your kid-friendly garden.

2. Add water features to your garden wisely

Some water features and toys can present a drowning hazard to small children, especially paddling pools filled up with enough rain. Make sure to empty and store them away after their playtime. As for ponds, they can also pose danger. Prevent your child from falling in by covering them with netting or chicken wire or fencing them off.

Meanwhile, you can add a birdbath or smaller water features to your garden. Consult our backyard landscaping company for tips or recommendations for types of water decorations that don’t pose a threat of drowning to your kid.

3. Lock away hazardous chemicals and gardening tools and equipment

Don’t leave hazardous chemicals and gardening tools and equipment lying around, including paints, wood preservers, and weed or insect killers. When using them, make sure that your child is not in the vicinity. Lock these chemicals and tools away to prevent your little one from playing with them and potentially risking an accident.

After spraying plants, don’t let your kid play in your garden. They may try to touch these plants and transfer some of the harsh chemicals into their eyes or mouths.


While your garden is a lovely and relaxing place, it can still bring various hazards and dangers to your child. Build one responsibly and don’t hesitate to ask landscaping professionals like us to help you make your garden as safe as you can.

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