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3 Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value


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Selling your home can be a rather tricky business, so experts encourage homeowners to always focus on one thing: presentability. You’ll want to make sure that no damage is present during house visits, and that everything is as neat and tidy as possible. One of the best ways to up the charm of your home is through landscaping, which can instantly make prospects feel right at home. 

First impressions last, and when you’re trying to sell a home, investing in that curb appeal can rake in the bids and sales you’re aiming for. This is also especially important when you’re living in a good neighbourhood, as competition is rampant. You’ll want to make sure that your renovated home comes with beautiful greenery, as anything else will send buyers running to homes with a better curb appeal. 

As you come up with good selling strategies, make sure to keep landscaping in mind. Here’s what you can do:

Invest in plants 

Your front yard’s main goal is to welcome guests with charm and appeal, and the only way to do that is through proper landscaping. Your landscaping design should pull prospective buyers to the front door, so make sure to have lots of healthy plants nearby. 

Blooming flowers will add a sense of serenity and quiet beauty, while trees and bushes add a touch of refreshing green, all the while hiding anything unsightly. The right trees can also provide some value, especially if they are large enough to provide insulation and shade from the harsh sun. 

Your end goal is to use the beauty of nature to hide all the ugly touches—garbage bins, your neighbour’s rotting fence, and even an uneven terrain. 

Add some extra home features 

If your home is large enough for a backyard, make sure to take advantage of your spaces. You’ll want to sell the dream of making a life in your home, so make sure that you show it. People also enjoy extra special features they can enjoy later, such as a patio or fire pit. You’ll want to offer them a space they can hang out in the afternoon or the evening, cooking barbeques with friends and family. 

There’s also the option of hanging lights and placing benches, so long as you can sell the idea that your backyard can very well be their future paradise. Such features can leave a positive impact on your buyers, both in terms of monetary value and decisions, especially if they’re constructed with the highest quality. 

Make your yards as universal as possible 

Investing in your landscaping is one way to rake up bids and sales, but it’s also best to know your limitations. It’s easy to get too carried away fixing your yard, but never install anything too personal or niche. A small playground, such as a swing set, should be avoided. There’s no guarantee that your next buyers will have children, so it’s best to keep your extra features as generic as possible. 

A fountain may also seem like a good idea and can be an effective way to up your home’s aesthetic value. Unfortunately, these are hard to maintain and can send prospects away. Place your investment in things most people will enjoy, such as fences, plants, and even decks. The more functional they are, the better!

Making the Most of Your Home’s Value 

Kitchen and bathroom renovations can only go so far, especially if potential buyers begin saying no the minute they see your front lawn. It’s therefore vitally important that you invest in landscaping, as this will convey the message that your home is a good place to be living in. You’ll want to highlight its potential and appeal, leaving a lasting impression that may very well end with a closed deal.

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