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4 Landscaping Ideas Around Pool


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Landscaping ideas around the pool are essential for any backyard with a pool. If you’re a gardener who’s planning to get a pool, whether it be a lap pool or an infinity pool, then you’ll need this guide more than you think you do.

But why? Why do we need to know about landscaping around pools? Because you can make pools look beautiful too.

Think about it. If you have a pool, chances are your entire family takes a swim there every now and then. Maybe you’re planning to invite friends over on the weekend for a barbecue in the summer. On a hot summer day with all your boxers and shorts out, that’s when you hit the pool. 

During those times, you have a chance to show off your magnificent pool to whoever you invite. It’s also just pleasant for your eyes – a pool without any plants, or complimentary hard elements makes it look very bleak and drab. So to know how to decorate your pool best, you’ll need to dive deep (pun intended) into the landscaping around the pool

How do you find these ideas? Usually, we’d ask you to do your homework and search on Pinterest moodboards. You can still do this, by the way! No one’s stopping you from doing research on your own while surfing the net. 

But today you won’t need to do that. In fact, after today you won’t need to do any more searching as you’ll get all the ideas you need here. In this article, we’ll guide you on the most popular trends, what’s suitable for your region and which idea you should go with. 

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Landscaping Ideas Around Pool: The Best of The Best

Before we move on to discussing the ideas, some general piece of advice for all of you: make sure you look at what plants to place around your pool. If it’s too tall, it might take up too much space and can be unpleasant to look at. If it’s too small, it’s barely noticeable. Make sure these plants don’t litter the area with leaves within just six months. 

You can consider these factors while choosing the plants:

  • Safety
  • Shape and size of the region that will be landscaped
  • Texture and colour
  • The theme of your home
  • The theme of current landscaping
  • Fragrance
  • Variety
  • Unity
  • Maintenance ease
  • Proportion

Now that we’ve looked into how to choose those plants let’s look at various landscaping ideas around the pool. 

1) Get Drought Tolerant Plants For Pool Regions

During summer, it can get scorched, and droughts can occur. Plants that require heavy watering are unlikely to survive in such cases. Make sure you get drought-resistant plants that have sunk their roots deep into the ground for at least more than six months. The anchorage helps them to seek moisture even deeper throughout the soil. 

2) For Garden Areas, Get Sweet Fragrant Plants

Having a lovely aroma around your pool that carries through with each person that walks in on the area is terrific. It’s a testament to how nature can give back to us if we take care of it with warmth and affection. You can plant them around the edges of the pool or along the walkway. You’ll be pleased to know during evenings, some plants smell sweeter as the aroma is now intensified. 

3) Get Low Shrubs or Ornamental Plants

The name sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Ornamental plants are genuinely the ornaments of a beautiful garden. They’re typically grasses that are different from lawn grasses. You’ll be surprised by how easy they are to take care of despite their visual appeal. Some of these grasses include:

  • Rush
  • Sedge
  • Fountain grass
  • Feather grass
  • Lemongrass
  • Yellow foxtail grass
  • Bamboo
  • Zebra grass
  • Giant reed
  • Japanese blood grass
  • Korean grass
  • Phormium
  • Blue fescue

Check your local superstore if they have such variants of grass and see their quality by judging their colour and uniformity in size. Then pick any one or two of these grasses and go for it. 

3) Have Some Vines Hanging From Spas

Vines are one of the most underrated green creatures in the gardening world. Their long tendrils add a necessary accent to your spa area. 

These climbers find their way up trellises, fences and walls, brightening up the bleak objects. 

They grow incredibly fast and can give privacy in fences where there aren’t many picks, preventing peepers from peering through the other side. By adjusting their heights every time, you can even make them natural rooftops by placing them on pergolas each time. 

Some vines that we recommend (no, not the YouTube ones include):

  • Honeysuckle
  • Jasmine
  • Passion flower
  • Trumpet vine
  • Lady Banks rose
  • Carolina Jessamine

Give these twisters a go and see if they match your dream pool. 

4) Last But Not Least, Have Some Succulents

If there was one plant nearly everyone has in their garden, it’s a succulent. You may not know that their type is a succulent, but almost everyone has a succulent. It can be used as a way to make your garden look more evergreen. If it has grown into a tree, then make it a part of the woody areas in your garden or spa to complement harder elements. 

A safety warning for parents includes keeping away from mosquitoes -. make sure to give lots of mosquito-repelling ointment on your skin as there will be lots of plants there, especially during the evening.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if such succulents have spines or prickly thorns that might hurt smaller children running around. Keep them towards the back by nestling them amid the other trees. Some of our suggested plants include:

  • Echeveria
  • Senecio
  • Plumeria
  • Cotyledon
  • Crassula
  • Sedum
  • Dudleya
  • Sempervivum


Whether it be vines, succulents, or low shrubs, all of these combined can make your pool area phenomenal. They will bring a sense of tranquillity well-needed for any garden. They will give an ethereal feel and a radiant aura to your pool. We hope this article gave you some good ideas for landscaping your pool.