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5 Benefits of Installing a Water Element for Your Landscape


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Did you know that a visually appealing and highly functional landscape can increase the overall value of your property by a significant margin? When it comes to this, you may think about growing beds, having flowering trees, constructing walkways, or installing patios and decks. 

But have you ever considered adding a water feature to your garden? There’s something special about having this not only because of its visual appeal but also because of the sounds and many other elements associated with it. Yes, there are many valuable benefits that you can get out of this!

In this article, we will share five benefits of installing a water element for your landscape:

1. Welcoming natural wildlife

What’s great about having a water element on your property is that it welcomes natural wildlife that will make your surroundings a better place to live in. The chances are that you’ll notice an increase in butterflies, dragonflies, and even birds flying around your garden. Just be sure to keep the area properly cleaned and managed so that you won’t attract pests like mosquitoes instead. Ultimately, it’s the best way to support life and balance the ecology in your little yard!

2. Sounds of nature

There is nothing more calming and relaxing than the sounds of nature. When it comes to this, the dripping or flowing water makes a world of difference in enhancing the ambience of your home. Having this element in your property will make you feel as if you can commune with nature after the day’s work. All you have to do is sit next to the water fountain and have the sounds of cascading water wash your stress and worries away – what a great respite to end a stressful and tiring day!

3. Space adaptability

Another great reason to install a water feature in your landscape is its flexibility in terms of space. There’s nothing to worry about if you only have a small yard as the water element doesn’t require so much space. All it takes is to tuck into an empty location in your property and consider installing a water fountain as well.

4. Aesthetic value

The water itself may look transparent, but there’s absolute beauty in its simplicity. You can have it embellished with a beautiful supporting structure, some decorative rocks, blue paint for a seawater effect, and a fountain allowing the water to flow. All these elements will augment the curb appeal of your property and take it to the next level!

5. Less upkeep

If you think about your water element as if you’re maintaining a pool, don’t worry; you can simply have a pondless water feature that requires minimal upkeep. A few examples are simple wall fountains, huge cascading waterfalls, and other pondless water features. They all can boost your landscape without the hassle of constant cleaning and maintenance, which will be very convenient for you and your family!


At this point, you now know the five valuable benefits of installing a water element for your landscape. As outlined above, you can take advantage of the following—welcoming natural wildlife, sounds of nature, space adaptability, aesthetic value, and minimal upkeep. With all these, you can expect to kick your landscape up a notch and increase the overall value of your property!

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