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5 Exciting Ways to Make Your Backyard Summer-Ready


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Summer is the perfect time to bask under the sun, enjoy the cloudless blue skies, play outdoor activities, snack on some chilled watermelon, and get together with your friends and family. The most convenient place to do all these is in the outdoor spaces surrounding your home. Want to get your backyard ready for those pleasant, balmy afternoons? Here are some fun and exciting ways to upgrade your summer lounging:

1. Clean and declutter

The first step to making your backyard look more appealing and inviting is to clean and declutter. Get rid of damaged and unnecessary items and dispose of trash and leaves properly. Garden tools, grilling accessories, and cleaning supplies can pose a safety threat to small children or pets at home, so make sure to add some storage on your deck or patio to keep all of your belongings organized.

2. Install some water features

Water features can be relaxing and refreshing, especially on a hot summer day. They also make great additions to your backyard! Consider adding a small fountain, waterfall, or pond to your outdoor area. If you’re looking for something more space-efficient, a bird bath is a great idea and will allow you to enjoy the sight of these majestic creatures relaxing too!

To ensure that you have enough room for water features in your backyard and have them installed properly, you can work with our landscape design company. One of our specializations is water features, which can be installed to create a stunning garden you and your loved ones can spend time and have fun in.

3. Add some plants

Plants and flowers instantly make your backyard full of life and beauty. Since grass alone can end up looking bland, choose plants to place around your backyard. Put some colour to your special space by adding bright-coloured pots and placing some green, leafy shrubs and flowering plants to your garden. 

You may also invest in a high-quality water hose and a watering can to keep your garden well-maintained and healthy, even through those sweltering summer temperatures. If you are unfamiliar with plants and don’t have a green thumb, you can always hire professional gardeners or a garden landscape design company. This will save yourself from the hassle of doing the planting all by yourself.

4. Invest in outdoor lighting

Create a festive atmosphere and keep the fun going even during the evening by investing in quality outdoor lighting. You can hang some LED outdoor lights and lanterns around your fences, trees, porches, and pathways. These lighting options are relatively energy efficient and will provide you with sufficient lighting. As a result, you can enjoy a cozy ambience and boost everyone’s safety in your backyard without racking up a huge electric bill each month.

5. Hold some backyard games

Summer won’t be complete without some outdoor fun. Unleash your competitive spirit by playing some exciting backyard games. Some activities you can try with your friends and family are water balloon catch, ladder ball, nine-pin, life-sized Jenga, ConnectFour, and other games. To conclude your game, enjoy the rest of the afternoon by holding a barbeque party.


Enjoying warm, sunny days with the people dearest to you is the best way to spend the summer. By following the tips on this guide and working with a landscaping company like us, you can easily transform your backyard into a summer-ready outdoor area.

Turn your yard into the garden of your dreams by seeking our landscape design services. We offer a wide range of services, including artificial turf, concreting, decking, paving, planting, stonework, and more in Sydney. Book our services today!