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5 Plant Ideas That Will Transform the Edge of Your Yard


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You only have one chance to create a first impression of your home. To wow your guests and become the envy of the neighbourhood, it’s advisable to seek ideas for lawn edging services from a reputable landscape design company. 

Garden edging works by providing a border between your lawn and another area in your yard and giving your garden definition and structure. As a result, it enhances your curb appeal and helps you maintain your garden easier. To beautify your yard and transform it into a beautiful garden, here are some ideas as to the plants that work beautifully as edging:

Plants that give a sense of movement

Most plants are effective in adding some life to your outdoor space. But to truly make your garden mesmerizing and aesthetically pleasing, use plants that give a dynamic sense of movement to your place. 

Consider using the spiky, yet mounded growth habit of the lavender plants. The dark purple flowering lavender plants will enhance the border’s bold colour scheme when you take advantage of their vibrant colour and place them along the edge of the border. 

When using them, make sure to put the fragrant plants close enough to the edge of a border so they can release their heavenly scent and make a walk in your garden a divine experience. You can hire a company that specializes in garden landscape design for expert assistance.

Plants with similar colours

When edging your border with plants, you don’t have to stick to a single variety of flower. For instance, you can use a combination of phlox, Penstemon, and lamb’s ear. The silver lamb’s ear acts as the accent, while the blues and purples in the border frame the bed. This strategy works because they have similar colours and create a cohesive look. Use the same tactic by using plants with hues that fall close together on the colour wheel.

Foliage plants 

If your garden looks mostly green, one effective way of adding some vibrant colours to it is by using foliage plants when edging. Place coleus plants in an area that does not get full sun and other colourful foliage plants for some variety, contrast, and boldness. One of our favourite things about these plants is that they require limited maintenance. In fact, the occasional pinching back and a good watering schedule will suffice to keep them healthy!

Plants with repeating shapes 

Aside from colours, shapes can be used to make your garden look pulled together. Put tall mounding plants like spiky Veronica and bee balm in different spots in your yard to create depth and variety while blurring the line between your garden and walkway. 


Hosta plants serve as a classic front border. These are perfect in a shady area as they grow low, cover a good amount of ground, look good in all seasons, and come in a wide variety of yellow, blue, and variegated leaves. 


Garden edging boosts the overall design of your garden and defines various areas in your yard. By using the plants’ ideas listed above strategically, you can impress your visitors and neighbours and draw their attention to an attractive focal point in your outdoor space. If you’re seeking garden edging, work only with a reliable company like ours.

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