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5 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Outdoor Decorating – Our Guide


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The holidays are just around the corner! You may be looking forward to spending more time with your family, eating delicious meals with your loved ones, and exchanging gifts! These are all the wonderful things that most people look forward to. However, one tedious task that may sometimes be very stressful is outdoor decorating.

If you are about to start decorating the outside of your home for the holidays but do not know where to begin, we have a few tips to share with you before you get started. After you have finished decorating, your house will be full of holiday cheer, ready for your family, friends, and visitors!

Tips To For Stress-Free Holiday Outdoor Decorating

1 – Start early

When December hits, there is no time that is “too early” for you to start decorating. Keep in mind that you will have a lot on your plate when the middle of the month arrives. You may have family that will be coming to visit from other parts of the country. You will also need to entertain visitors, take care of family members on holiday from school or work, and decorate the interior of your home, too. When you consider all these responsibilities, it is best to get an early start with your outdoor decorating.

2 – Plan It Well

Having a plan is a good idea. Map out what you want to do with your hedges, lawn, and other parts of your house. Looking into a theme will make everything come together more efficiently. If you are going to buy new decorations, you should try to mix and match them with any existing outdoor decorations you may already have.

3 – Look Into Different Lighting Options

Many types of lighting will work for different places. If you have a hedge in the front part of your lawn, you may want to consider net lights. Choose lighting options that will be easy to remove after the holidays. After all, they aren’t going to stay on forever.

4 – Switch Bulbs

It might be fun to buy different coloured bulbs for your outdoor lights. Switch to these coloured bulbs to give the lighting a festive appearance. 

5 – Hire A Landscaping Team

If you have a garden that you need help with, a landscaping team will be able to do this for you. If you are too tired from entertaining to trim your hedges, rake the leaves, and do other landscaping jobs that are tedious enough on their own, a landscaping team can handle these jobs for you. By hiring their help, you will be left with all the fun parts of outdoor decorating!


Making your house look festive is part of the fun as you prepare for the holiday season. When the decorating is done, you will have enough time to plan for the other vital aspects of the holidays. You will also have time to plan what food to prepare for your holiday feast, and you will be able to do your shopping for presents!

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