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DIY Cheap Garden Edging Ideas for You


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Cheap Garden edging, it’s what the pros do to take their lawns up a notch. It’s not a hidden secret but we often forget to account for how much a simple border can add to your lush green gardens. 

A sleek edge makes it look less unkempt – more like a well-spruced lawn and less like an overgrown jungle. And for practicality, it relieves a big headache by separating our garden area from the lawns. We all know the frustration of the pesky weeds getting out of hand! 

But the price points of buying the necessary materials and installing the edges is what gives us pause. The beautification suddenly doesn’t feel worth it. This is why, today, we have curated the best cheap garden edging hacks you can do yourself! 

Are you excited to find out? So, are we! Read on below:

How to Choose the Best Cheap Garden Edging? 

We know our readers come from far and wide places across Australia, with varying tastes. Everyone has a different backyard to consider. So, before we look at the specifics, here are some garden edging methods to pick from:

Ideal for Creative Freedom: Masonry Edging

The lawn brush is in your hand! In this case, it’s the sheer range of artistry you can gain. Masonry edging is stone edging – all types of bricks, stones, concrete fall under this umbrella. 

The colors go from red bricks to white slabs of concrete to the natural greys, marbles of stone. The possibilities are endless, so if you have the vision, you can do it. 

Ideal for Bendy Lawns: Strip Edging

Are you worried you won’t be able to find a good option because your lawn is a non-linear, irregular shape? Well, strip edging is here to allay those fears! 

It’s a barrier, usually made of metal or plastic, that is embedded into the soil around your lawn. It’s ideal for curling around the bends. 

Metal is pricier and sturdier but high-quality plastic will do the job for less of the price. 

Ideal for Durability: Wood Edging

Ah, the old-school, reliable friend in our gardening decor and protective measures: wood. It is the most affordable way to edge your lush lawns and with this, you aren’t even losing out on anything!

The look is an acquired but beautiful taste; a rustic and homey aura. The durability of rot-resistant trees like redwood or cedar is going to give you the longevity you want with this type of thing.

DIY Cheap Garden Edging Ideas

Here are our favorite garden edging ideas, that you can do at home, categorized for your benefit: 

Strip Edging


The most popular choices are aluminum or steel, with aluminum being the more elusive of the bunch as well as corrosion-resistant. 

As we said, they’re great for non-linear borders like circular flower gardens. You can make it look subtle or, you may keep some length to make it a sleek piece. 

One of the great things about DIY-ing with metal is that you’ll find ready-to-install options that wouldn’t even require you to do any digging. All you’d have to do is hammer it in! 


It’s the less costly friend of our metal edging. This option, too, has options for easy installation, often coming in panels or rolls. 

Plastic is not subtle at all, so if that’s your thing, you might have to opt for something else. That is not to say it can’t look good! You’ll see black plastic edging readily available which is a cool look to line your garden with! 

Rubber is quite similar to plastic. However, for extra durability, we advise you to get thicker plastic/rubber. 

Masonry Edging


Concrete is one that is not going anywhere once you put it down. It’s there to stay! 

So, it’s a popular choice for some. But those who want to change things up every once in a while should think hard before this one. It’s a commitment! 

You can get precast concrete for easy installing or a custom design, you can have it poured by a professional. 

Natural Stone 

Natural stone is such a rugged, fairy pond-like look. It can be so simple and beautiful. All you have to do is collect your choice of rock. It can be boulders, colorful pebbles, or river rocks. You can place them strategically for a unique result! The perfect adornment to your flowers. Make sure to leave no gaps, though.


Bricks are a bit harder to install but well worth the classic aesthetic! There are regular old bricks and brick pavers, both of which serve different benefits. Our recommendation is to look into it well at a shop before considering this one. 

Wood Edging

Like we said, as long as you get the suitable kind of wood, it’s pretty much in your hands. You can set up fences or timbers as a landscape.  If you’re looking for a hack, you can simply line up twigs or branches to your liking and it’ll add a nice border to your grass. Yes, it can be that simple!

A Note on How to Self-Install Garden Edging


Gardening gloves

Landscape edging kit



Shears for pruning

  1. Wear the gloves for protection and dig into the edges of the area you want to separate with the shovel. 
  2. The trench should be a few inches deep and slightly wider than your materials because you want to place it right from the get-go. It would be harder to wiggle it in otherwise. Also, clear any unwanted roots with your shears. 
  3. Then, place the materials as your heart has envisioned, keeping the decorative aspects high above ground enough for our next step. 
  4. Using soil to pack around the materials, seal in the trench. 
  5. The edging stakes inside your landscaping kit now come into play. Hammer it in every 4-5 feet for a complete installation. 


Did you enjoy our comprehensive look at DIY-ing with cheap garden edging tools? We hope you did. They are both practical and add value to the beauty of your garden. 

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Thanks for reading!