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How Do You Choose The Perfect Turf Supplier For You?


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Turf suppliers are the ones who decide which grass will shine the brightest in your lawn and which will provide the softest touch for your feet. Everything from the color, species, wear tolerance, and cost is understood by your turf supplier. All of this is important as they affect your lawn design significantly. They are either contacted by your contractor who lays down the turf for your lawn, or you can contact them yourself by researching online. In this case, you are the liaison between your contractor and turf supplier.

If you live in Australia, chances are you’ll find plenty of local suppliers with several contacts. Each have various services and a range of different grass types to offer, so you’ll need to do plenty of research before choosing the ideal supplier for you. Research consists of looking for reviews online and seeing what your neighbors think of a specific company. Do the legwork of calling up the homeowners of previous projects – you’ll find ways to negotiate with the companies better and you’ll get a closer look of what their services look like.

But even besides researching adequately, you’ll also need to look at other factors before you choose any company. Let’s look at those factors now to understand better how to choose the best turf supplier for your garden.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Turf Supplier

The Quality Of The Grass

Modern grass types are simply adapted to bring out the inner aesthetic of your garden and so that your feet can play with their blades. They are easily kept short and show great resistance to all kinds of weathering and harsh climates (although in Australia the temperate climate gives birth to a truly mesmerizing weather). The grass must also have fast-growing roots firmly anchored to the base that can hold each roll in one stable piece. Its blades should be thick, its weeds should be wide, and its genetic purity must also be guaranteed so that you don’t get a hybrid or an impure species.

Finally, the grass should smell like the freshest grass there is – sour or pungent-smelling yellow grass is a red flag and you should consider changing your turf supplier immediately. All of this leads to a high quality in the grass you pay for so make sure your turf supplier assures you such high quality by living up to industrial standards. If they don’t, they are aware they will be subjected to litigation, i.e. they will be sued as you have the power to sue them.

How Wide Can Your Choices Be?

A company has truly made its mark in the industry if it manages to present a wide range of options for its consumers. With turf suppliers, it is recommended that you check how many types of grass they can offer. Even with just the Buffalo grass, there are varieties that one company offers that another might not have any harvest of. For instance, many suppliers offer Sir Walter Buffalo grass but fail to show any samples of Palmetto grass, even though both are separate sub-categories of Buffalo grass.

You’re also advised to check how many roll sizes they can offer – this is vital as your garden might have unique shapes or corners at awkward places, so you’ll have to customize the sizes of the rolls so that the base fits your lawn perfectly without wasting space. Check what kind of installation services do they offer (if they provide such services in the first place) and see if they have any scheduled time throughout which they install your turf.

We would also suggest asking your turf supplier how expensive the delivery services are and how long it would take – that depends on how far the original store is from your home. Lastly, another thing that should definitely be looked into is whether the company has inventory of lawn maintenance products and whether you can buy them. If we were you, we’d definitely have a small chat with them about these products to determine the best way to use them.

Knowledge and Experience Gives Birth To Expertise

A team of experts will definitely have sufficient knowledge about these grass types. Knowledgeable grass enthusiasts will know the subtle differences between palmetto grass and Sir Walter Buffalo grass: which one thrives better in winter, which one retains its colors after winter passes, and which one has a greater resistance to wear and tear. You can ask them all sorts of questions about your grass and they’ll be able to provide acumen on which type is most suitable for your landscape.

Specialists are also more inclined to ask you questions about the current state of your landscape – why you want to turf your lawn, what sources of water and shade can you provide, and what kind of obstacles you’ll face while taking care of the lawn. With their words and their advice, you get personalized service that shows that they care. This is important as it shows a dedication to deliver optimum service for individual customers – a sign of good faith. You’re allowed to figure all of this out by calling them or having a chat with them online – either way, it’s best to receive this advice before you receive a quote.

However, even if you talk to them after receiving a quote for your landscape, it’s best to have a more fruitful conversation with them when the team visits your landscape. That is when you and the team can ask each other as many questions as you want and you can then select whether this particular company is the right one for you and your backyard.


As you can see, deciding which turf supplier fulfills your dream lawn design is important, and the metrics we laid out (pun intended) can be used to help you choose. Researching and then following up that research with casual conversations will help you differentiate between those that provide good service and those that don’t. We hope you found this guide helpful and this helps you select the perfect turf supplier for you.