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How To Clean Outdoor Tiles


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Outdoor tiles can be tough to clean as they are exposed to all types of dirt and rubbish. Apart from the soles of feet and the clammy hands that touch these surfaces, rain, mud, and dirt from snow can accumulate and make your outdoor tiles look dirty. Thus, it is essential for everyone to know, whether you’re a pro gardener or a rookie, how to clean outdoor tiles properly.

To ensure that these tiles are effectively cleaned and dusted, we need to find suitable solutions and devise an appropriate strategy. This is a part of your daily garden maintenance routine, so be prepared to take it seriously. If you are still confused, it is recommended to talk to gardeners with more experience or a landscaping company. They have professionals in their team who have worked with cleaning solutions for decades and who will know which substance is corrosive to the tile material. Therefore, let’s look into the required tasks to complete a successful cleaning regime for your outdoor tiles.

Pre-Cleaning Rituals and Tools

The best course of action is not to douse the entire place with water. There are dry objects that can be easily removed from your gardens, such as leaves, twigs, and nasty-smelling bird droppings. Using a bristled brush or a broom, just sweep away the debris stuck on the surface so that it doesn’t feel grimy to those who walk. It’s easy to see orange leaves acting as a canopy for the whole garden during fall, but with the use of a leaf blower or a broom, you can remove the leaves very quickly to reveal a fresh green lawn. If the tiles are arranged vertically, remember to clean them with an up and down motion – otherwise, there might be scratches. Soft brooms are used to eliminate grit and grime, whereas stiff brushes are used to remove larger debris within the tiles’ nooks and crannies.

To complete the stages before, during, and after cleaning, you need to get some efficient tools that will last you longer than you’d expect. This list includes some essential tile maintenance tools – choose what should be the best choice for your garden. The following tools will help you maintain a functional outdoor tile pattern and show you how to clean outdoor tiles in the best way possible:

  • Broom
  • Garden hose
  • Leaf blower
  • Nylon brush
  • Scrub brush
  • Cleaning solution or detergent
  • Bucket
  • Squeegee
  • Rubber gloves

Now that we’ve completed the pre-cleaning ritual, we can move on to the steps of washing and scrubbing all the dirt from the tiles.

Steps To Cleaning Outdoor Tiles

Step #1: Once you’re done sweeping the entire area with a broom and all of the dry dirt has been removed, and there is no risk for a smear, it’s time to use the hosepipe. Make sure that the garden hose is connected to a secure tap that doesn’t leak water. Using only clear water, hose the entire area, and apply extra water to places covered with soil. With the help of the extra water, the dirt will be soaked, and it’ll be easier to remove since it’s now loosened. If you have the budget to afford it, get yourself a pressure washer that removes most of the tiles’ dirt by applying pressure in difficult spots.

Step #2: Get the bucket filled with water to the brim, add a tablespoon or two of your cleaning powder or solution to the water, and mix thoroughly, stirring it to ensure it is completely dissolved. Make sure your cleaning solution contains the substance trisodium phosphate or TSP. This is useful for stains that are deeply embedded in the tiles and cannot be easily extracted. For heavier stains, sprinkle some of the powder on lightly moist tiles to be soaked and dissolved for longer. That way, the compacted dirt can be extracted faster. If you can’t buy a decent cleaning solution, adding several drops of dishwashing liquid to lukewarm water can do the trick as well.

Step #3: Now that we’re done applying the cleaning solution, it’s time to scrub. You can start by scrubbing lukewarm water on the surface to allow the dirt to become more soluble, or you can do it after applying the cleaning solution. To effectively utilize the solution, you should dip the scrubbing brush (preferably soft with a long handle for greater maneuver) in the cleaner and scrub gently, covering one region at a time. Many people forget to keep the wall and floor tiles wet at all times during the cleaning procedure. When they dry out, the TSP forms a layer of dried white dust on top of them, and that is not a sight to see. Furthermore, cleaning out the dust is another headache we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. So if you notice any part drying out, douse it gently with some water or cleaner.

Step #4: Spray clean water all over the tiles to get rid of all the cleaner traces. Flushing the entire place will also help remove the smell of the cleaning solution. Using a squeegee mop quickly absorbs tiny pools of water that might adversely affect the final polish of the tiles. It also doesn’t get wind of floating dust particles that might adhere to your tiles after you’ve spent so much time washing and scrubbing out the grout. If you can afford it, you can even get a wet vacuum to do this for you: even though it’s not cheap, it’s faster and helps to remove heavy stains that are stubborn and stay back even after scrubbing hard.


The answer to how to clean outdoor tiles may not be an easy one since it is very labor-intensive and can take an entire day. But trust us when we say that the effort bear fruit. A polished surface every month or so can increase your garden’s curb appeal and heighten its ethereal beauty. We hope this guide gives you the clearest path to making your outdoor tiles shine bright.