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Lap Pools: The Athlete’s Respite


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Are you an Olympic athlete? Or are you a swimmer whose destiny is to be a legend greater than Michael Phelps? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, then lap pools might just be the perfect fit for you. 

Lap pools are for narrow, shallow backyards with very little depth. They’re great for a morning workout if you want to maximize the number of strokes per lap. 

Hydrotherapy – the process of improving your lifestyle using water-based therapy – is what lap pools encourage. 

So no matter how fit you are, with the long design and the increased depth, you can build your muscles and improve heart circulation with this pool. 

In this article, we’ll look into the features of lap pools and what makes them so beneficial for anyone who wants greater body flexibility.

So let’s not waste another second and dive straight into it! (pun intended.)

Features of a Lap Pool

lounging chairs with long lap pool and white buildings

In-ground or Above Ground Lap Pools?

Lap pools are typically built in-ground, but by discussing the details with your pool designer, you can construct them above-ground as well. 

The usual height is 700 mm above ground – any additional increase will incur further engineering and proper decking costs. And none of us want that, right?

The Long Road

The way real estate has evolved means homes occupy more space. So nowadays, more and more of your land is typically the house itself. 

This leaves less space for a garden, patio, terrace, and in this case, a pool. 

In the past, these long pools would be as long as 20 meters. Now the pool length ranges between twelve and sixteen meters and can go as wide as three meters. 

If you have an even smaller backyard, consider constructing a pool of length 5-6 meters. It can be two meters wide. 

The downside of a small pool with such designs is getting a fruitful workout becomes difficult. The solution? Simple. Attach a simple swim jet system to build more resistance. 

That way, you’ll feel the water pushing against you, causing a sufficient lap that utilizes all of your body’s energy. 

The Shape of The Lap Pools

This one’s a bit obvious, but we’ll still mention it. Such pools are generally rectangular in shape. 

It doesn’t make sense to put a circular pool since finishing laps there won’t make sense. 

If your budget allows it, consider installing a Jacuzzi or a small circular spa pool. After an exhausting workout, who doesn’t want some spa time?

This routine will help you relax and find peace after a tiring day. 

The Ultimate Benefit: A Healthy Life

woman wearing black swimming suit and relaxing in pool

You should get a lap pool for a truly healthy lifestyle. 

Taking a swim against a strong current will give you a burst of energy to start your day. We’ll bet that this is a better jumpstart than a cup of black coffee. 

This engages the core of your body and helps to build strength. 

Most importantly, the feel of the water against your skin can calm you down and wash over your anxieties. 

Thus, a mental break where you’re focused on continuously finishing laps can help distract you from all that bothers you. 

And if you’re an athlete, then training doesn’t get better than this. 

Imagine completing laps with dozens of strokes while looking out at a picturesque view. Whether it be coastal Australia or the endless mountains, nature helps soothe everyone. Nothing can make it easier to concentrate and let go. 

Landscaping The Lap Pools

long lap pool with dog and small house and hilltop

Till now, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the functions of this famous pool. We’ve seen how functional it is for fitness enthusiasts. Did we mention how the artificial current helps to tone your muscles? Oh, yes, we did. 

But a splash of green will help to make your pool a focal point of your landscape. (We’re on a roll today, eh?)

Apart from the myriad of benefits we’ve seen till now, we also realize decorating the pool can beautify your backyard in various ways. 

So let’s take a look at some factors that can elevate your garden. 

Entry Point

Since this pool is mainly for improving fitness, consider designing a separate entryway. 

Instead of internal steps seen in traditional pools, you can add offset steps with metal railings. This won’t be a hurdle while you swim. 

Do you have a lot of dough in your pocket? If yes, then a separate entry area into the pool can be incorporated. This will also depend on whether you have enough room or not. 

How Often Will You Use It?

The timing will determine how often you’ll need to heat the pool. Ask yourself: do you need a heating pool all year? Or do you just need one when the winter gets truly chilly?

Whether you start or end your day with a swim also deserves some thought. You can do both – but that will mean you use the heater more often. This can rack up bills super fast. 

Covering Your Lap Pool

Everyone deserves a warm blanket for insulation. Your pool is no different. 

If you’re the person who takes a swim at both dawn and dusk, then consider covering your pool in the morning. That way, it retains most of the heat and doesn’t need reheating in twilight again. 

Using thermal blankets or an automated system are two ways you can go about this, depending on your budget. Either way, your utility bills will be slim as this process is far more efficient. 

Maintenance Costs

How much it’ll cost varies. If you’re choosing vinyl as the pool material, it won’t be too expensive; concrete, on the other hand, will definitely cost more. 

It also depends on whether you ge chlorinated water or saltwater. The chlorinated water is safer but needs more efficient weekly cleaning routines. 

Maintaining a lap pool isn’t so different from maintaining a traditional one; in fact, it might be easier given the fewer aesthetic features (waterfalls and fountains). 

You can hand-vacuum your pool or hire a pool contractor to do it for you if you’re busy. 

Conclusion – Create Your Own Custom Lap Pools

A lap pool is an ideal pool if you plan to start a workout regime and truly get yourself in shape. 

We hope this guide answers all your questions regarding this specialized pool. With this guide, you’ll be able to craft a custom lap pool that matches your preferences.

FanScapingTastic can help you design and construct every aspect of your custom lap pool and fulfill your dreams.

If you have any more questions on pool design, read our article here. 

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