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Modern Garden Designs: What’s In-Store?


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Want to start a garden in your outdoor space? But the old-school settings aren’t your thing? Do you want your garden to have a sophisticated and contemporary vibe? We have a list of modern garden designs that will help you achieve your desired garden look in no time. Let’s take a look at those, shall we?

What Defines a Modern Garden?

A modern or contemporary garden can be defined by a sleek, streamlined and stylish design. Modern garden designs draw on the beauty of the traditions of Asian architecture. A modern garden typically puts more emphasis on architecture and materials than on plants and greenery.

In contemporary outdoor spaces, geometric forms and repeated patterns are frequently employed. The primary principle is to construct a garden with a controlled and ordered appearance.

Modern gardens frequently rely on hardscaping and structural components to achieve their minimalist look, with plants used as accents to provide contrast and colour. Designs are rarely haphazard for these gardens and should be carefully thought out so that all the elements work together in harmony.

Things To Take Into Consideration

Basic modern garden designs have three main features, including oversized grid patterns, straight lines, and geometric patterns. Standard materials, such as rectangular concrete pavers and wood deck tiles, are used to pave a contemporary patio. 

Various fences and walls add to a modern garden theme, such as metal screens, horizontal slat wooden fences, and gabion walls made of stone-filled metal baskets.

When going for a modern look, it is necessary to avoid planting in grids and lines.

Make sure to select new patio furniture that will create a look that is elegant and polished. Use ideas that emphasise geometric designs and an architectural appearance for trendy patio covers.

Think about integrating a fountain into your modern garden that gives it an elegant look and provides balance. Think of ideas that use abstract forms, simple materials and numerous water spouts for modern fountain designs.

Ideas For Modern Garden designs

To Link Your Garden With Its Surroundings, Use Plants

Plants with bold silhouettes have a clean look which, next to the architecture, looks fitting. You need to start with an ordered palette in and around the outdoor rooms, and then you want the plantings to dissolve almost into the natural environment around you as you move further out.

Design the planted areas’ outer edges much like one might weave a tapestry to create a loose texture and colour fabric that blurs the landscape’s boundary lines and visually claims the landscape beyond. 

Pull in rushes and other young, lush plants near the Riparian zone. To draw on the movement and softness of ornamental grasses next to grassland.

Give Your Hardscapes Comfort

In modern garden designs, a bland, barren look is a typical pitfall. Using “honest” fabrics is a focus, suggesting they should not claim to be what they are not. A plain concrete patio, for instance, is more authentic than concrete that has been stamped and polished to look like flagstone.

The natural colours of concrete, steel, smooth stucco, and some forms of stone have a fantastic look that can be uninviting if overused. Adding colour is an easy answer, but the colour will drive you away from the modern aesthetic.

Layout & Lighting

In adding warmth, the architecture of the landscape also plays a part. Using planters, either raised or on the ground plane, inside patio areas, you drag the planters into the uneven spaces.

The planters become a more tangible and focal aspect of the design as the planters are lifted. There is an option to use retaining walls to elevate the plantings when faced with a slope, so they are a better visual feature.

Contemporary landscapes are built to serve as an extension of the home, and the mood at night is as important as during the day with busy modern schedules. Cool-toned lighting gives off and should be discouraged, an eerie, off-putting glow.

Natural and Loose

In many contemporary landscapes, closely arranged lines of rigid, sculptural plants are the rule. As though the architect decided to force the building’s minimalist framework on the outdoor spaces. 

Yet this form of planting denies any relationship with the natural world altogether. For static architectural trees, there’s no need to feel trapped. They add a sense of playfulness, liveliness, and warmth when your plantations have a loose, alive look.

There is an excellent organisation in the hardscape in a modern garden design that can go more natural in the plantings. Perennials can look loose and sloppy, so you should use them strategically, but a corner or a walkway can help smooth them.

Take Inspiration From Your Personality

When the focal points, furnishings, and artful touches converge into a personalised room linked to the owners and the community, a concept comes together most completely. 

However, it can be a challenge to incorporate individuality without disturbing the minimalist style inherent in contemporary styling. Keep it easy when in question. A safe way to add comfort is often to seek out furniture that includes wood. 

It would not go out of style. You have the option of using cushions to add colour, but once you incorporate colour, it takes your attention and would be a focal point.

While following trends is often enjoyable, the lime green and orange cushions common in modern gardens can easily overpower the room’s design. Look instead for hints to your planting palette. 

It is more personal to your landscape to repeat a colour seen in an ornamental grass or vine, which won’t be out of fashion next season.


As the times have changed, so has the look of gardens around you. If you feel like modern garden designs are what you are looking for, this article will guide you through everything you might need to know. 

We hope this answers all of your questions regarding modern garden designs. Drop more questions in the comments below!