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Outdoor Feature Wall Tiles: Dazzle Your Garden


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Have you felt that something in your garden or outdoor patio is throwing off the entire area’s vibe? If you don’t have a feature wall, that might just be the missing puzzle piece.

To be precise: the blandness of the outdoor walls is what’s giving you that feeling.

Walls enclose your designed landscape area and are often the last thing people think about in the planning process of the decor. Yet, walls are the closure that your exterior features need to shine truly.

It’s an adornment that brings out the beauty of its surroundings. Walls scale higher than most of your other feature furniture like pools, waterfalls, and decorative stairs. So, having a towering blank slate standing around can be a real eyesore.

An easy way you can decorate your bare wall is to use outdoor feature wall tiles. Instantly change the look of your patio without uprooting anything.

Tile Variants That Work Best For Outdoor Walls

There are tiles built for outdoor use specifically. Let’s see what makes these suitable outdoor feature wall tiles before we look into the aesthetic aspect.

For A Natural Feel: Stone Tiles

outdoor stone tiles

Stone tiles like marble and slate are popular for outdoor use because of their sleek appearance. It can add a chic flair to the surrounding nature in your garden. 

They tend to be a bit on the expensive side, but that’s because of how in-demand it is! Heads will turn when people walk past your lawn. 

Stone tiles are polished, which can make them slippery. Others are natural and have intrinsic resistance capabilities.

Let’s talk about a few well-known stone tiles in detail.


The definition of sleek, these tiles offer a modern look to your patio wall. From ebony black to frost white, the monochromatic theme is something minimalists can’t get enough of.

But more importantly, they are the hardest of the natural stone tiles. 

If you live in an area with frequent weather shifts, granite is the material you should look into for your outdoor feature wall tiles. Its resistant capabilities have no match for something that’s made of stone.


Limestone is a soft stone with many pores. This makes it vulnerable to the wear and tear of time as well as the weather. But it’s irresistible because of its unique look.

Lovers of limestone cannot say no to the enchanting swirls. It comes in colors ranging from white to brown with varying splotch patterns. 

If you’ve decided to use limestone on your walls, make sure to seal it well. This will help hold out against stains and weather effects. But we will still not recommend it for use in high traffic regions.

Limestone can be polished, which makes it feel slippery. A tumbled version is also available for slip proofing.


Marble is an in-between of granite and limestone in softness and porosity. Yet, again these are the types of tiles that are heralded for their one-of-a-kind appearance.

Marble tabletops and counters are already a popular choice with homeowners. Imagine how beautiful it will look against a lush green backdrop.

We wouldn’t recommend it for high traffic areas either. But for those who want the classic, elegant feel in their gardens, this is the choice!

Polished marble tiles will be chic but rougher, non-slip style marble is better for durability outdoors.

For Durability: Porcelain Tiles

porcelain feature tiles

We’re used to seeing this material on our bathroom walls. Who knew it could be a perfect fit for outdoor feature wall tiles?

Porcelain tiles are the diamonds of tiles. They won’t crack, even in extreme weather. Unlike stone tiles, they are usable in areas with high traffic rates, scorching hot summers, or ice-cold winters. 

We all know about its water resistance, so porcelain is the number one for walls near swimming pools or fountains.

They are the smartest choice for the outdoors.

And they’re easy to clean! Porcelain is a very non-porous material, making it shine like brand new after a gentle wipe with soapy water.

On top of that, they have the most versatile looks to offer. Porcelain comes in a broad range of colors. And if you like a particular style of stone or wood tiles, you’re in luck. Many options with porcelain are available to mimic their looks.

Polished porcelain is too slippery when wet. But you have the choice for a matte finish as well.

For Inner Peace: Wooden Tiles

wooden tiles with thatched roof

Wood is an affordable and reliable choice for outdoor feature wall tiles. Its durability is on par with porcelain. Coupled with its slip-resistance, it’s an all-rounder in the outdoor tile world.

Some wood, like Bangkirai, also offers protection against insects. It’s an attractive choice for gardens.

It comes in colors from angelic light patterns to darker, mysterious woods. Wood is sought after because of its rustic, vintage aura and its wide range of patterns.

Outdoor Feature Wall Tile Aesthetics

beautiful white house with pink tiles and greenery

Keep in mind the following when you pick tiles:

Colour Affects Way More Than You Think

Wall features should bring contrast to its environment. As such, for the outdoors, it’s better to go with lighter colors. 

Yet, ultimately, it’s down to preference. You can even mix and match outdoor feature wall tiles for a creative masterpiece.

The Aura You Want

Do you want a chic and classy style wall like marbles? Or, would you rather go for the homey aura that wood can bring? These tile attributes will influence your choice.

Consider The Surroundings

Looking at design options with the area in mind will help in many ways. For example, the climate will affect the weather damage the tiles will receive. Then, things like water-resistance and bug-resistance are also things to consider before buying.


Outdoor feature wall tiles enhance the beauty of your patio or garden. Fall in love with the many options and pick the best one for your home.

We hope the information and tips we have provided will help you with your choice. 

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