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Porcelain Outdoor Tiles: Bringing Elegance To Your Doorstep


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The beauty of outdoor tiles is in its elegance and sophistication it brings. Landscaping involves using plants, flowers, trees, and other aspects of your garden to bring out the inner beauty in your garden. It uses many different tricks and neat design tips to arrange flowers properly, create a beautiful plant bed, and construct a beautiful terrace or a patio. But the most underrated aspect of landscaping is hardscaping – using materials and substances to elevate the garden. This is where the choice of the material comes in. Whether it be stone, brick, or concrete, choosing the right material to use for your walkway, patio, terrace, driveway or any other path within your garden is very important to match the theme of your house and the colour palette you’ve decided on.

One very common material missed out on is porcelain. Seeing porcelain tiles being used outdoors will let you know how delectable it is as an outdoor tile choice. Using porcelain tiles outdoors is the best decision you can make, even though it might be tilting a little towards the expensive side of the spectrum. In this article, we’ll take a deep look at the benefits of porcelain tiles and what makes them so beautiful. Then you can decide if their design and other specifications match your preferences. So let’s dive straight in, shall we?

Benefits of Using Porcelain Outdoor Tiles

1. Increased weather resistance:

This comes as a surprise to many people but porcelain is extremely worn resistant. This is due to it being subjected to very extreme pressures and temperatures. Porcelain is manufactured in kiln-fired clay items where it is baked and then shaped in various ways. Due to the high heat, it can resist almost any harsh conditions or weather. This makes it very useful for specific seasons, especially winter. Even if it gets icy cold, porcelain outdoor tiles won’t absorb the water and freeze up as it is almost impenetrable. This means it’s highly unlikely there will be cracks developing inside the tile that might make it structurally weak.

The high heat we talked about earlier also has another useful advantage: it solidifies the colour that exists on the porcelain tile. Hence, you’ll never see the colour fade unless more than two decades have passed, so sunlight has no effect on such tiles. Since customers realize that its quality will never change for at least ten years, they invest in porcelain outdoor tiles to use in outdoor walls or floor tiles.

2. Easy to Maintain, Easy to Install:

Porcelain outdoor tiles have little to maintenance costs as they require almost no chores related to maintenance. We already talked about how its colours remain the same as it was when it was brand new so you won’t have to worry about cleaning it too often. Often household cleaning solutions tend to destroy stone or concrete pavers. Even scrubbing too hard can end up damaging outdoor tiles. Porcelain outdoor tiles stand firm against all of this and still manage to remain as good as new.

Besides that, it doesn’t have the problem of cleaning solution drying and creating a white, chalky powder that’s excruciatingly difficult to remove. This phenomenon, known as efflorescing, is the nightmare of all gardeners so your headache regarding this will be gone if you invest in porcelain outdoor tiles. The best way to clean these outdoor tiles is to use a light cleaner and a soft cloth to gently press onto the crevices of the tiles. If you don’t have a cleaner, using some soap and water is fine enough.

Porcelain outdoor tiles are also incredibly easy to install as their manufacturing process involves portioning them into equal-sized pieces that are designed to fit specific areas. They are also level which means you don’t have to smooth it out when laying down on other bases like grass, sand, or gravel. You’re also in luck if you want to save transportation costs – porcelain has so little density that calling it lightweight is an understatement.

3. Ridiculously Slip Resistant:

One of the biggest risks of having kids or old people in your house is for them to slip. These injuries can be fatal if gone wrong and constantly worrying about people falling flat on their faces in the middle of the front yard is concerning, to say the least.

With porcelain tiles, you have the choice to decide whether you want a smooth or a matte finish in the final product. These tiles are given specific ratings depending on how much people are likely to skid or slip on them. This is important as the texture will determine whether or not someone slips and falls down. With a matte finish, it will gain enough slip resistance and will prevent accidents like this. Thus, you see porcelain tiles with a matte finish being used around swimming pools. So you get to decide what’s best for your kids and your aging mother.

4. Durability of Outdoor Tiles:

In terms of durability, nobody can beat porcelain tiles. They are resistant to fire and frost and even under extreme traffic they persevere. It’s also very tough to get scratches on these tiles, so they’re scratch resistant as well. Since it’s almost non-penetrable, dirt particles don’t accumulate in nasty corners, preventing the growth of harmful molds and other fungi. You’ll be surprised to know that porcelain also has a very high solar reflectance index. In layman’s terms, it means it doesn’t absorb too much heat and doesn’t affect the soles of our feet either. This incredible strength makes them sturdy enough to handle running children and heavy patios with ease. Thus, porcelain tiles can last for a very long time without showing any signs of wear or oldness. It truly captures the evergreen beauty of the garden within itself and channels it properly.


Laying down porcelain outdoor tiles is a wise decision, regardless of how long you have been gardening. To truly make your garden look phenomenal and stand out in the crowd, invest in porcelain tiles outdoor. We hope this article helps you to choose whether this is the best option for you or not.