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Sandstone Tiles And Its Use Outdoor


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Sandstone tiles are a fantastic way to spice up your outdoor space. Especially in gardens, patios, or pool spaces, it offers a natural and timeless look. 

Apart from the looks, sandstone tiles are exceptionally durable and easy to install. If you can take proper care of it, these tiles can last you decades.

So, it’s no surprise that sandstone tiles have stood the test of time. Many home garden owners even swear by it. But there are some factors to consider before you make your decision.

Thus, we’ll show you the potential benefits and drawbacks of using sandstone tiles, as well as tips on how to maintain them for the long run. So you can use them with confidence and a touch of personal flair.

Where To Use Sandstone Tiles Outdoor:

flower wreath with red flowers hanging on sandstone tiled wall

Wall Surfaces

Sandstone is a versatile material to use as a tile. So you can use it to tile up outdoor gates, fireplaces, or porches. It is a popular option for outdoor ovens. You can even tile retaining walls designed to hold up the soil with sandstone.


Sandstone is a boon for home landscapers. You can use it to enclose garden spaces, as fence pillars, and even beautiful archways. You can tile up garden walls to make your backyard look stunning. Thus, with their rich and diverse hues, they can go hand in hand with any color scheme.  


If you are looking to pave around your garden space and patios, sandstone is a great option. With its strength and unique look, it can breathe life into your outdoor spaces. Hence, it provides some beautiful contrast next to your vegetation. 


Those with an artistic inclination can make good use of sandstone tiles. Due to the ease of sandstone shaping, you can order custom tiles with unique designs on them. It adds a touch of class to every outdoor space. 

As you can see, sandstone tiles have a multitude of uses. It’s up to you to decide.

Benefits Of Using Sandstone Tiles:

beautiful pattern of sandstone tiles

Natural Beauty

Sandstone forms from river sediments. It’s made up of diverse particles that can take on many hues. This is why sandstone looks natural despite coming in different colors and shades. 

Each sandstone tile has a unique grain structure. This means you can get unique textures, patterns, and colors on your tiles. The range of colors is impressive too. Thus, from beige to gray to red – your combination of colors will be unique to you.

Customizable Shapes

Sandstone tiles are easier to shape and mold compared to alternatives. No matter your outdoor space, these tiles can fit your exact requirements. 

You can have tiles in interesting shapes to fit your design aesthetic. 

Some tiles come with irregular edges. Others come with uneven thickness. These combine to create a unique, mosaic effect that looks stunning.

Cutting and carving sandstone tiles are simple. They allow beautiful engravings on their surface. You can even adorn your outdoor walls with works of your own.


Using sandstone tiles outdoor is friendly for the environment. Unlike vinyl, sandstone is biodegradable. You don’t need to send them to a landfill. 

The extraction process has a lower carbon footprint. Quarrying for sandstone contributes less to climate change than producing materials in factories.  

Durability And Ease Of Maintenance

Sandstone is durable enough to withstand the might of the elements. Thus, this makes them perfect for use in outdoor spaces. Just try not to splash a lot of water.  

While not as durable as granite or slate, sandstone tiles will last a long time. Especially if you take good care of them, being a natural Earth material product makes them plenty durable. This makes it resistant to cracks and breaks. 

If you find yourself with broken tiles, you can make replacements with ease. Professionals perform the tiling process using individual pieces or tiles. So you can slot those tiles in whenever you need them. You can even have them shaped to your liking.

Even so, a good tip is to store extra tiles for a “rainy” day. 

Low Cost

Of course, the cost is a huge factor for many home-owners. It won’t matter how good some materials look if they are out of reach. Compared to alternatives, sandstone tiles are inexpensive. 

On top of that, maintaining them is cheap. Experts charge less for repairs. And at-home fixes are useful if you have spare tiles lying around.

Things To Consider:

doorway with sandstone tiles on walls with trees

Before you rush out to buy sandstone for your next project, consider these things.  

Water Absorption

Sandstone tiles are quite porous. This is due to the porous stones that producers use to make them. As a result, they have high water absorption properties.

This can be a problem if you use sandstone tiles outdoor near water sources. Too much water absorption can ruin your tiles’ quality and longevity, especially if you use them in the kitchen, the bathroom, or pool paving.


Sandstone tiles are easy to stain. When bacteria and molds accumulate, it can lead to lasting damage. In some cases, the tiles may even warp.

To combat this, you should seal the tiles every 3 to 6 months. This will strengthen your tiles and keep them safe. 

Wear And Tear

Another thing to consider is the sandstone’s natural wear. The stones that constitute sandstone tiles are soft. As time goes by, they can get weathered down. Hence, this will change their look and feel. 

Some home-owners appreciate the new character that sandstone takes. Others feel it looks old and faded. So you should research to see if you like this effect or not.

If you don’t like it, sealing can help sandstone tiles weather the elements better.

Scratching And Dents 

Finally, sandstone is prone to scratching and dents. This is thanks to the soft nature of the stone. Heavy furniture, chairs, and heels can scratch the surface over time. 

If there is a significant force, the tiles may even dent and lose shape. You should consider these factors when deciding where to use them. While repairing is easy, prevention is better. 


Sandstone tiles can rejuvenate your outdoor space with natural beauty. 

They breathe life into boring backyards and are an excellent garden companion. Their diverse color patterns give a unique look to any outdoor space. 

If you’re looking to beautify your outdoor space, look no further than sandstone tiles.

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