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Sir Walter Buffalo Grass: 6 Rocking Features


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We have a secret. A secret that will transform your lawn forever. 

“The perfect grass doesn’t exist,” we thought. We were naive. We finally discovered a grass that all gardeners hail as the king of greenery. It’s so magnificent that it even received a knighthood from Her Majesty.

Yes, we’re talking about Sir Walter Buffalo grass. 

Sir Walter Buffalo grass reflects what an Aussie is: soft-natured despite being exposed to harsh circumstances. 

With an incredible wear tolerance, Sir Walter ranks #1 on the list of best grasses in the homeland. 

Its soft texture and rich green color spark life. The grass thrives in shady areas – this is what makes it so shade tolerant. 

But before we dig a little deeper into all the benefits (pun intended), let’s talk about something else. 

What Makes Gardens So Beautiful?

garden with white walkway and leaves

Gardens are incredibly beautiful works of nature. They are a breath of fresh air in our congested cityscape. 

Thus, gardening and landscaping are passionate hobbies of thousands of people. They love taking care of their backyard and making it glow. 

So when the opportunity strikes, people build lawns. 

Lawns provide a large open area for seating guests and family members. We become closer to nature when our feet touch the soft grass blades. 

Thus, what makes lawns beautiful also makes your garden look ravishing.

Now that we’ve established the importance of a beautiful lawn let’s dive straight into the grass that makes it extraordinary. 

Features of Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

The following features prove the sheer brilliance of this grass.

Endurance or Durability

water drops falling from branch to grass

Australia has truly bipolar weather. One moment it’s icy cold; the next it’s dry as a bone. To survive these conditions, you’d have to be a tough nut.

And that is precisely what Sir Walter Buffalo grass is. 

Whether it be under the scorching sun for hours or in the frosty winter, Sir Walter perseveres. It survives in the shade and bright sunlight. 

Even in coastal areas, where the salt content is very high, Sir Walter survives. 

This quality makes maintaining Sir Walter a lot easier as it stays virtually the same in winter. 

Excellent Shade Tolerance

What makes Sir Walter stand out is the size of its blades. 

This grass has thick blades that can absorb lots of sunlight. Hence, this allows photosynthesis to occur much faster than usual.

So even in shady areas, Sir Walter Buffalo grass manages to retain its color. 

Grass like this makes life easier for all of us – especially for gardeners. Gardening enthusiasts have to think about tall trees and the effects of its shade. 

With that worry out of the way, let’s move on to the next one.

Root Growth and Drought Tolerance

sir walter buffalo grass in areas of drought in mountainous region

The dense root system of Sir Walter spreads throughout the soil. This lateral growth means the grass tightly holds the earth together. 

Such firm anchorage means roots go deep within the soil. So the roots can extend and reach crevices of water deep within. 

Hence, the grass doesn’t dry that quickly and remains hydrated. 

This also slows down evaporation rates, reducing water loss. 

All of this makes Sir Walter Buffalo grass very tolerant towards droughts. 

Low Maintenance and Self-Repair

This grass is very easy to take care of. It’s not very invasive, so the overall layer of grass remains smooth and even. 

On top of that, the thick, dense blades make it difficult for weeds to grow. So you don’t have to pluck out annoying weeds anymore that ruin your garden’s aesthetic. 

Besides, what makes Sir Walter Buffalo grass truly remarkable is its ability to fix itself. 

Children and pets often run over it, and there might be toy trucks rolling around. 

Sir Walter’s “self-repair” skills make it famous. It can bounce back from any kind of damage, no matter how severe it is. 

Family Friendly Grass

a child sniffing a white flower while sitting on sir walter buffalo grass

Speaking of children, we highly recommend Sir Walter if you’re planning to start a family. 

Imagine just having an indoor picnic in your garden. Your kids are playing on the luscious grass, and you’re enjoying the scenic view. 

This variety is a low-allergenic grass: it produces far less pollen than its counterparts. So your children won’t be susceptible to allergic reactions or bouts of fever. 

Apart from that, it also doesn’t cause a lot of itching – a common problem for newcomers interacting with nature. 

Needless to say, your family will have a wonderful time. 

Eco-friendly Grass

The versatile benefits of this grass keep on coming. This time, it’s kind to the environment.

Since it can absorb a lot of moisture from below, a Sir Walter lawn can decrease the heat generated by the blazing sun by almost 10 degrees. That’s how effective it is. 

In addition, Sir Walter is also resistant to pests, fungi, and diseases. Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, weedicides, fungicides, you name it – none of it is needed for this great grass.

Thus, this keeps your grass fresh and preserves it well. The chemicals inside fungicides can cause a lot of damage to ecosystems. 

The less you use them, the better it is for the environment. 

Maintenance Tips

black lawn mower on sir walter palmetto lawn

Here are a few tips and tricks to make maintenance even easier than you thought. 

  1. Don’t mow it immediately after it has been planted. Let it grow out naturally and settle in the soil first. 
  2. Fertilize the soil with a delicate balance. You can use a well-balanced organic fertilizer once a year during April. Other slow-release fertilizers can be used twice or thrice annually.
  3. Don’t trim it below 30 mm. This helps the grass to flourish and maintain a soft texture. 
  4. In shady areas, keep the grass longer at all times. The longer leaf growth compensates for the lack of sunlight. 
  5. Watering the grass once a week is sufficient, though shady areas should be watered less frequently. 


Sir Walter is suitable for all kinds of turfs and lawns. You can place them in plant beds or other areas of your garden. We hope this guide answers all of your questions about this unique grass.

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