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The Best Cheap Garden Edging Ideas For You


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For most gardeners, garden edging is an underrated aspect of gardening, often overlooked due to its underrated aesthetic properties. Most gardeners look at the garden’s architecture for merely functional purposes, leaving the aesthetics to the greenery. But that is an archaic concept that needs to be changed. The modern garden design incorporates all parts of a garden to create a holistic theme that highlights the true beauty of your little backyard. Thus, to achieve this effect in a manner that doesn’t scratch your wallet too much, we have compiled a comprehensive list of cheap garden edging ideas that will uplift the spirits of your garden.

While we realize garden edging is a vital component of your landscape, we also recognize that it can be costly. The bigger your plant beds are, the more they will cost, and depending on the material, the prices may also surge. In such cases, it’s best to think about ways to reduce expenses and still give your garden the glamour it deserves by investing in other parts. Read the following ideas below to see which ones match your taste more and determine if your landscaper can bring those ideas to life. If they can’t, consider if you can do them yourself, as many ideas are easy to build.

Cheap Garden Edging Ideas For Everyone

1. Use Terracotta Pots:

Terracotta has the beauty of clay with its earthly colors but has a burnt cinder-like texture, making it look fascinating with its simple but radiant aura. You can place them vertically or horizontally, and depending on their shapes and size you can alter them in design. Either way, this is an eco-friendly method of developing a beautiful border around your plant bed. You can find such pots in any local store and this won’t cost you so much. It also takes very little time in terms of installation and you won’t need the services of a landscape construction company or a garden edging company as this is very simple work. So keep this option in mind as one of your cheapest alternatives.

2. Curved Steel as Garden Edging:

Steel is one of the most popular options used as garden edging as it’s lightweight and easy to shape. Steel is also plentiful in supply so it’s incredibly cheap. What makes it so useful is its incredible flexibility and malleability. You can shape it in any way whatsoever and it will stay where it is. This makes it very useful for plant beds or borders with jagged lines or awkward corners that have difficulty in finding a fence. Reusing or recycling steel also makes it environment-friendly, so it saves cost and helps the atmosphere. Consider steel pipes when creating borders around raised garden beds and other alternatives.

3. Any Type of Wooden Garden Edging:

Wood is one of the cheapest materials available. And if you live in forests you can easily cut up tree trunks to get large wooden boards or scraps. Wooden logs and wooden scraps can be used as garden edges for many areas in the front or back yard. Logs give a very rustic look that makes your home look comfortable, hospitable, and inviting. You can place the logs vertically by placing them firmly in the ground or arrange them horizontally in the shape of a pipe. Wooden planks have a very authentic aura as they are irregular in length but the imperfection brings out the beauty of the landscape. By color coordinating the planks with the color palette of your house, you can create a smooth flow in theme within your landscape. If you don’t like the shape or size of the planks, you can chop them into smaller pieces using chainsaws, allowing greater customizability. 

4. Can You Use Seashells For Garden Edging?:

The title might freak out some people but trust us when we say that this is a viable option. If you live in coastal regions and your feet are accustomed to the sandy soil, then you’re bound to come across seashells in various areas. This will consume very little space in terms of the border so you have more space to incorporate other elements of the garden, such as ornaments, sculptures, paintings, water fountains, and if your budget allows it, swimming pools. The more diverse shells you find, the more variety it brings to your garden design. So when you go scuba diving in the Pacific or the Atlantic, take a moment to collect seashells whenever you can and store them for your return trip. Then arrange them in all orientations and arrangements to find the ideal border design for you.

5. Stone Garden Edging:

Stone is a natural element that you can use to beautify your landscape. And bring a more earthy essence to your landscape. It is cheap as it involves all kinds of rocks and stone so you can settle for very cheap options. For instance, cobblestone is relatively easy to find in gardening stores and has a simple installation process. Sandstone is another example of such an easy-to-install stone. This lasts a lot longer as these natural stones are acclimatized to the ever-changing weather conditions. If you live somewhere close to rivers, you can easily collect river stones or pebbles to serve this purpose. They can also be used to create paths or pavements inside your garden that lead to your front door. This cheap solution can be utilized by anyone. Regardless of whether or not they are a pro in the field of gardening.


Cheap garden edging solutions are hard to find and definitely not the easiest to implement. We often underestimate how much we can construct and plan on our own. But by beginning and completing a project by ourselves, we learn so much about gardening. And also gain the confidence to do more. There is no better way to be cost-effective than to use the methods suggested above. And see which one matches your preference the best. We hope you found our innovative ideas useful for your front yard.