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Timber Look Tiles Outdoor: Elegance in Simplicity


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If the look of a wood flooring is what you’re targeting, timber look tiles should be the ideal option for you. Cost-effective and durable, timber look tiles outdoor will stand out and bring simplicity and elegance to your home. These tiles are usually made of porcelain and ceramic. But since they have the appearance of a timber tile, they cannot be distinguished from one another. Timber look tiles are exactly what the name suggests: they look like timber, but they are simply substitutes to what real wood is. The look and feel is especially useful in recreating that aesthetic that comes with wood. The familiar sense of hospitality and warmth from a true cottage-style house.

Especially in outdoor patios and terraces, a wooden feel creates unique sensations for your guest. And also the aura it radiates is simply magnificent. It is preferred over timber tiles as timber tiles are very expensive to install and maintain. They require waterproof varnishes to make sure they don’t rot, and maintaining them over a long period of time without incurring service costs is nearly impossible. Timber also gets easily stained if any water or oil is spilled. So you’ll need artificial sealing materials to ensure it doesn’t get wrecked so soon. Now that we’ve established why so many people in this day and age prefer timber look tiles over timber tiles, let’s look at the benefits of using timber look tiles outdoor and see what makes it so gorgeous.

Benefits of Timber Look Tiles Outdoor

1. A wide range of designs:

Now you can create your own designs in timber look tiles due to the advent of 3D printing and laying down ink-jet printing designs as part of various presets. You can manufacture them in any color you want to represent any tree you want, whether it be chestnut, pine, oak, spruce, or maple. If you want a more rustic look or the look of a tree that’s been victim to deforestation due to incineration, you can go for that as well after discussing it thoroughly with your landscaper or landscape construction company. Both can guide you but they’ll need to see your home and the tiles first to understand which design is the best for you.

2. Easy to install at any spot and superior resistance:

Timber look tiles are one of the easiest tiles to be installed. Their installation process is extremely swift and they make sure no trace of dust that accumulated remains as a part of the installation process. Because it doesn’t take that long, it’s also very cheap because the steps don’t require a lot of money to be properly installed, as long as a strict schedule is maintained. You may consider installing them around swimming pools or the walkway leading up to the front porch or a small corner of the garden to aid with landscaping.

Since timber is also very resistant to any possible changes in the climate, it is very tolerant towards any type of wear or other harsher conditions. This makes them durable and can make them adapt to many unfavorable situations in a significantly better way. All of this means that as a long-term investment, buying a set of timber look tiles will help you fulfill your dreams of a glorious house. Natural timber experiences significant discoloring over time and can fade away too quickly if it’s exposed to too much sunlight. Timber look tiles are usually dipped or glazed in a solution so that they don’t get scratches or dents or other random things you weren’t prepared for. So it’s best to stay safe and take the highest number of precautions than leave it up to chance.

3. Incredibly Easy To Clean:

The one thing that makes timber look tiles stand out is the fact that it always looks shiny and polished. This is because of the fact that timber look tiles are incredibly easy to clean so even if they become dirty, you can easily wash out the filth and the dust and make it look squeaky clean again. Because they are already protected by artificial sealants that are already laid on top of the tiles when you buy them, any spills or stains don’t become permanent.

Then the easiest thing to do on your part is to clean up the spill using a long-handled broom or a mop with some antiseptic or cleaning liquid. In this way, it doesn’t ruin the finish on the tiles and doesn’t cause permanent damage. They are also very easy to maintain due to the futility of regular polishing or sealing. It shows you how evergreen the true beauty of timber look tiles is and how long it can persist despite the barriers it faces.

4. Environment-friendly Tiles:

The biggest problem with using wooden tiles or any type of wooden flooring is that it causes the destruction of more and more trees in various forests. Such massive levels of deforestation can cause serious damage to our environment especially when planting efforts are still not up to the recommended levels. Trees can absorb a lot of carbon dioxide from the air, provide shade to exhausted passersby and give birth to the food and crops that propel the survival of our species. Preventing or reducing the usage of wooden tiles by choosing to use timber look tiles is one of the easiest ways to be eco-friendly.

Timber look tiles are manufactured using natural clay to lay the foundation of porcelain or ceramic. This means that the method itself is energy efficient and with the usage of more and more green products and modern recycling methods, timber look tiles help to sustain the preservation of our species with its versatile usage.


Timber look tiles outdoor can be especially useful for amplifying the aesthetic of your landscape by giving a breath of fresh air to your floorboard. Thus, we highly recommend using timber look tiles outdoor over wooden tiles that are susceptible to rot and fast decay. We hope this guide gives you plenty of benefits and reasons to choose timber look tiles.