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Top Tips For Hiring Paving Contractors


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A matted asphalt driveway leading straight to your garage. A beautiful layer of concrete that points you to your doorstep. That is the dream paving contractors turn to reality. 

A paving contractor turns the entry of your landscape into something magical. The company is responsible for beautifying the path to your home using materials such as bricks, concrete, gravel, or asphalt.

But it’s not just about aesthetics. It’s also about quality work that ensures long-lasting performance. Investing in a company with experience and knowledge will be beneficial in the long run. 

Remember, paving jobs are costly, and laying out the materials isn’t something you can do on your own. Mixing concrete can be tricky, and we wouldn’t want you to sprain your wrists by carrying heavy bricks. 

So read the following tips to know which paving contractor is the best for you. 

Tip 1: Do Your Homework On Paving Contractors

person wearing watch searching things on paving on laptop

As always, the best way to know these companies is to tons of research on them. 

We’re not saying you should write an academic paper! All we’re saying is that you should Google their names and see what kind of services they offer. 

Even residential paving contractors have their limitations, so it’s best to know what kind of work they can do. 

See if the contractor can provide all the materials he needs to get the project done. Thus, this shows that they have an established network of suppliers to get materials from. 

Dig deep into their website and see how long they’ve been in business and what materials they specialize in. If you’re lucky, you’ll get customer reviews that show how experienced these guys are.

A final word of advice would be to choose from local contractors. They’re used to local soil, so they’ll be prepared for specific regional issues. 

What Services Do They Offer?

See what kind of services the contractors offer. These may include:

  • Installation – Replacing or installing a new walkway by creating an intricate plan and laying a strong foundation.
  • Paving – Removing traces of the previous path and ensuring a smooth, adequately graded surface.
  • Sealing – Getting rid of stains and filling crevices before applying sealers to protect the newly laid surface.
  • Resurfacing – Placing a new layer of asphalt or concrete atop the old coating to cover damages.

The broader the range of services they offer, the more versatile the company is. Thus, you can trust them to get your entire project done instead of relying on other subcontractors.

Additionally, see if they cover other areas such as patios or paving around swimming pools. Although these are luxury options, many companies are now aiming to provide these services reasonably. 

Tip 2: Get Referrals

stone walkway for paving

References and referrals are proof of the quality paving contractors talk about. Check out past projects completed within a year or so. 

To be even more accurate, compare your landscape with sites similar in size and design. 

If you can, get the contact details of reviewers or the homeowners of previous projects. Politely ask them if they can answer some questions. 

Ask them whether the company maintained a strict schedule and what quality of materials they used. Determine what kind of prices they offered for different parts of the project. 

Couldn’t find their contact numbers? Worry not. Simply call the project leader who was in charge of planning and executing the paving job. Thus, you can ask them the same questions too. 

Hence, this will help you ascertain the company’s reputation in the industry, giving you a closer look at their work ethic. 

Tip 3: Take Quotes From Several Paving Contractors

stone walkway with greenery

After finishing up your research, you’re ready to take quotes. This is where most people make the biggest mistake. 

They end up agreeing to the first contractor who provides a decent price. 

When you go to buy shoes or clothes, you never stop at one store, do you? So why stop at just one company for making your home look gorgeous?

Compare the quotes given by the contractors. See which company provides lower rates for similar areas of work. Find out how thick the layer of concrete they’ll provide. The bids will differ for different thicknesses. 

Calculate if there are clearly defined tasks for the bids. Hence, notice if the quote is way too much beyond the costs. 

Always remember: the cheapest option is not the best. The cheapest may mean the quality of gravel may not be the best. The company might even cut corners. Thus, choose wisely.

Tip 4: Verify Certificates, Licenses, and Insurance Policies

signature on a white paper

The last thing you want is for your asset to become your liability. Insist on seeing valid licenses and certificates. 

Ask the contractors to bring it to you for inspection. See if the company is bonded. Outdated certificates and licenses show a lack of effort and an obvious red flag. 

It doesn’t matter if it makes you look like a paranoid client. What matters is for you to know there is little risk for accidents due to rough surfaces or poor drainage. 

Go through their insurance policies thoroughly. Good companies don’t stop at the bare minimum – they get the entire insurance package, including workers’ compensation. Furthermore, they also contain liability insurance packages. 

A full insurance package means everything is covered, from equipment and transportation to the staff and subcontractors. 

Thus, you now know that the company is trustworthy and reliable. 

Tip 5: Make The Paving Contractors Sign A Contract

suited person offering pen and paper to person with folded hands

The other glaring red flag is a contractor being reluctant to sign a contract. A clear indication of someone holding up their end of the bargain is signing a legal agreement. 

Such evasive behavior means that even though you’ve selected the best possible firm, you need to search for another firm. 

Make sure the contract includes the following information: 

  • Your name
  • The company’s name
  • Materials that they’ll use
  • Surface thickness
  • Size of area to be paved
  • Detailed schedule
  • Estimated time of completion
  • Total cost, including taxes
  • The payment plan you agreed on
  • Guarantee of premium quality
  • Any other specifications

Read through the contract 2-3 times before signing. See if what’s written is consistent with what you heard during the sales pitch. A contract protects you legally as the homeowner and ensures you don’t pay more than you agreed on. 


A good paving contractor will save you from unnecessary headaches. Thus, we hope with this guide, you’ll know how to choose the best of the best. 

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