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Australian Garden Design: Tips and Tricks


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Australian garden design is beautiful and gracious for all the right reasons. The land of Australia is fertile, and the landscape is a marvelous view. 

The weather is also perfect – not too hot, not too cold, either. There is a good amount of sunshine and an abundant source of water. 

Thus, In such conditions, the only way to maximize beauty is to decorate your garden. 

With the right ornaments and strategies, you can draw a magnificent garden for yourself. Whether you want to make your garden modern or sleek, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can construct a gorgeous garden. Our methods are thoroughly researched, and we hope they help you. 

Sustainable Garden Design

Australian garden with steps and green trees

Australia is famous for being generous and kind to the environment. It has always prioritized the ecosystem. 

So it only makes sense for sustainability to be a considerable factor. 

The abundant supply of water mentioned earlier exists due to groundbreaking irrigation systems. These channel water from unconventional sources. 

Rain gauges already existed, but newer systems are more innovative. New technology collects water from washing machines and showers. 

Making your garden a hub for birds and other wildlife can also maintain ecosystems very well. Build nesting boxes for chirping birds to come to sit and design ponds filled with fish and other plants. 

Energy supply can be generated from your homes via tall solar panels. 

Recycle whenever you can. Use recycled glass or timber, and use crushed bricks or concrete for hardscaping. 

Hence, this collective effort to conserve resources can be implemented in your garden as well. 

Use of Native Plants

big leaves and greenery

Australian garden design incorporates native plants very frequently. One of the trademark Australian plants is eucalyptus. 

Even though it’s a tall tree and has an extensive canopy, you can still plant it in your backyard. Carefully place it a reasonable distance away from your house. 

Indigenous plants take up far less fertilizer as they are already acclimatized to the soil. They also require far less water. Hence, that makes them more eco-friendly too. 

You can speak to horticulturists about native plants and choose which ones you like the most. A plant we frequently see is echiums; with their unusual shape and structure, they help the garden stand out. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get evergreens or other tropical plants. Tropical jungles can exist with their large leaves, overflowing with greenery. 

Diversify your resources and get various kinds of shrubs and other perennials. 

Take Inspiration From Other Cultures

Ikebana minimilastic design with pink and red flowers

With an increasingly multicultural society, more and more gardeners are starting to take worldwide influences. 

One of the strongest influences is a Japanese minimalist art style called ikebana

The beauty of this style lies in the asymmetry and the use of negative space. Despite being a mostly minimalist art form, it does not rely on geometry to highlight the subject. 

Instead, it relies on the natural essence of the plants to make every feature stand out. 

You don’t have to stick to Japanese or other Asian cultures. A French garden with low lighting and intricate walkway patterns may be suitable for your taste. 

Either way, we encourage you to do your research before you choose a style that fits you. After all, it’s your garden, so you get to decide on its makeover. 

Simplicity Begets Gorgeousness

simple flowering plant with pink flowers inside water bottle of Australia

If you live in a coastal area, the sight of the luscious and vast sea greets you every morning. You’re surrounded by forestry everywhere. 

In such instances, it’s important to remember that keeping your garden design simple is the best way to go. 

Garden landscaping relies mainly on maintaining a smooth flow. The themes and color schemes of flowers, walkways, and other parts of your garden must gel well. 

Crowding your garden with too many flowers or plants will result in biting more than you can chew. So let nature’s harmony flow through your garden. 

Prioritize one or two plants and plant them in masses. Do the same for flowering plants. Give room for guests and family members to walk and inhale the refreshing air of your sanctuary. 

Avoid Bushfires At All Costs

seedlings in soil of Australian garden

One of the most dangerous natural calamities that plague Australia is its bushfires. 

Rampant and raging, the roaring flames have wrecked homes and ransacked more ecosystems than you can count. 

Australia is home to many endangered animals – some of which have never been spotted outside the continent. 

You can play your part in containing these fires by maintaining safe gardens yourselves. 

Remember we said to plant trees away from the house? This is to avoid the fire from spreading from the tree to the house. 

Invest in proper hardscaping closer to the house. Concrete or stone pavements that form walkways and driveways are crucial. 

Construct fire-breaks in potential areas of spread to keep your house safe. 

Mulch is often used to improve soil fertility. So ensure that you’re using mulch that doesn’t catch fire easily. 

Make Space For Gatherings

umbrellas and chairs with people lounging in Australian garden

Part of the Australian experience involves family outings and picnics. During this pandemic, outdoor gatherings have become attractive ideas. 

Still, with lockdown measures in place, it can be frightening to head out. 

During these moments, a peaceful garden can provide you the calm and quiet you need. 

Have foldable chairs and tables if you have a small garden. Otherwise, you can buy 6-8 chairs with a big table. Pro tip: match the table colors with that of the whole garden. 

Barbecue in the summer with friends is a lovely idea. If you have ample space, consider getting a grill or a gas stove that you can move around quickly. 

This helps your garden to fulfill all purposes of entertainment and brings you closer to your loved ones. 


An Australian garden design is one that is in line with your Australian identity. It is one that reflects who you are, whether you’re from Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide. 

With this guide, you should be able to craft your land with grace. 

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